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Traditional Film Scoring
When a movie is "scored," the conductor watches the movie playback while conducting the orchestra and listening to a click track or some other method to give him the visual and audio cues he needs to pace the music.
~|~ Traditional film scoring requires the conductor to pace the live music at the recording session to match cue points in the movie.
The music is then timed perfectly to the mood and the action in the movie.
From the Film Score In Reverse Series
Voyage of Discovery One Small Step
The Spanish Trail Suite Flicker
Our Town Symphony
Cued in real-time
Todays' audiences expect more . . . this series delights and entertains audiences with
big screen projected visuals - enhancing the musical performance and not
detracting from the orchestra and the music.
What is Film Score In Reverse?
Video Ideas has taken the opposite approach by pacing & timing the movie to the score.
• The conductor is free to interpret the music at any pace.
• The video and/or animation scenes are cued backstage by someone following the score.
• The audience sees a movie perfectly timed to your live orchestra performance.
The result? An incredible evening's entertainment that accentuates the emotions of the music and stimulates the audience's imagination, increasing their enjoyment in a way a typical classical performance cannot.
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