Interactive Solar System Explorer

Film Score in Reverse and Video Ideas is proud to present the Solar System Explorer CD-Rom. This software was created as an interactive presentation of our solar system. The solar system was built using NASA photographs that have been mapped onto the 3D spheres of the planets for accurate simulation and interactivity.
The user can see our entire solar system with the planets orbiting the sun. The user can speed up and slow down the orbits to see how some planets orbit the sun faster than other planets, they can pan and zoom around the solar system, select a planet to view, and using their mouse, can grab and rotate the planet in real time. They can click to discover interesting details about the planet. They can even take a narrated guided tour visiting each planet in our solar system.
This CD-Rom runs on Windows Computers running any OS later than XP. 

Watch A Demo
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  • Pick a planet to view it up close.
    Grab it with your mouse and rotate
    it or use the control panel to view it
    at any angle.
  • Zoom in and out freely, exploring the
    solar system while the planets follow
    their orbits around the sun in realtime.
  • Take the guided tour to learn about
    each planet or travel solo to
    experience the planets up close.
  • Discover moons or transport
    to the other side of the solar
    system in the blink of an eye.
  • This 3D virtual solar system was
    created as an illustrative presentation of our solar system using NASA photographs that have been mapped onto the 3D spheres for accurate simulation and interactivity.
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