Voyage of Discovery 2

Film Score In Reverse Series entertains audiences with Voyage of Discovery2 - enhancing a live musical performance with videos and images of space.







Mercury's Astrological Sign

The Roman God of Commerce

The Sun's Astrological Sign.

Captivate Your Audience with Amazing NASA Images and Animations of Our Solar System.


Venus's Astrological Sign

Roman Goddess of Love and Beauty

Star Cluster Film Score In Reverse Series entertains audiences with Voyage of Discovery2 - enhancing a live musical performance with videos and images of space.

Voyage of Discovery 2

Voyage of Discovery 2 will take your audience on a journey through space in our award winning real-time Animation for Holst’s “The Planets”. This latest edition adds breathtaking NASA animations and stills in a High Definition presentation. All sequenced backstage and timed perfectly to your live performance.

Watch as the Mars Rover travels through space, soft lands on Mars and begins to explore. View real NASA satellite photos of an actual Mars tornado. See animations of the surface of Mercury, solar flares hitting Venus, Jupiter’s Big Red Spot, Saturn’s rings close up and much more.












Martian Astrological Sign

Roman God of War












Earth's Astrological Sign

Our Home

Thagard Astronaut, Film Score In Reverse entertains with Voyage of Discovery2 - enhancing a live musical performance with videos and images of space.

Your Host Dr. Norman Thagard

Now featuring introductions by Dr. Norman Thagard, M.D., the first NASA astronaut to journey into space on a Russian vehicle. These combine historical information about Gustav Holst, the premiere performance of "The Planets Suite," and Holst's mystical view of the planets. Each introduction mixes mythic and scientific information to prepare the audience for a journey in our solar system.

The introductions are optional and can be turned ON or OFF for your performance. You can also choose which movements of "Voyage of Discovery 2" to include, performing only certain sections for shorter performances. For example, you could perform only Mars and Jupiter for a school performance.

Watch a Video Introduction.



Jupiter's Astrological Sign

The King of the Roman Gods

Birth of a Star

Galaxy Star Cluster Film Score In Reverse Series entertains with Voyage of Discovery2 - enhancing a live musical performance images of space.

Extras & Options












Neptune's Astrological Sign

Roman God of the Sea

Customized TV & Radio Spots

We can customize a TV and/or a radio spot to use when promoting your performance on local broadcast stations.
This "TV SPOT" will be modified to add your Symphony Name and the Dates and Times of your performance. We will send you a finished file that you supply to your broadcast station that will be running your spots. Contact us for pricing and more information about this advertising tool.



Saturn's Astrological Sign

Roman God of Agriculture

Special Edition Performance DVD

Experience the uncanny illusion of piloting a space ship while listening to this truly symphonic spectacle. Soaring horns will give thrust as you make your journey through the solar system while strings will slow your vessel to let you enjoy the grandeur of each planet up close and view select NASA images. Purchase a copy of this one-of-a-kind DVD and experience The Planets in your own home!













Uranus's Astrological Sign

Greek God of the Heavens

Film Score In Reverse Series entertains audiences with Voyage of Discovery2 - enhancing a live musical performance with videos and images of space.
View a version of the TV spot.
A Fully Customizable 30 Second TV Spot

Interesting Facts about the Planets

Our Sun

99.86% of the solar system’s mass is from the Sun. The rest (0.14%) is contained within the system’s 8 planets.


A day on the surface of Mercury lasts 176 Earth days. A year on Mercury takes 88 Earth days.



Venus rotates in the opposite direction to most other planets. This is also know as a retrograde rotation.


Earth has a powerful magnetic field. It's caused by the nickel-iron core of the planet, and its rapid rotation.


Mars has the tallest mountain in the solar system. Olympus Mons this shield volcano is 21km high and 600km in diameter.


The Babylonians were the first to record their sightings of Jupiter. This was around the 8th century BC.




Saturn is the flattest planet, this is due to its low density and fast rotation.


Uranus hits the coldest temperatures of any planet. With minimum atmospheric temperature of -224°C.


Neptune has 14 moons. The most interesting one is Triton, it spews out nitrogen ice and dust from below its surface.

The Sun's Astrological Sign.
The Sun's Astrological Sign.

Performance Licensing Information

The Applications

The real-time animation sequence application. This requires a recent high quality desktop or laptop computer for playback. The monitor output of the computer is fed to a video projector for presentation on a large screen positioned over the orchestra. The computer and projection system is not included with the package.

 The Solar System Explorer (a.k.a. "lobby application") which you can run on as many computers as you wish in the lobby before the performance and during intermission. (The computers and montiors are not included in the package.)

Our Sign Earth, Film Score In Reverse entertains audiences with Voyage of Discovery2, enhancing performances with videos and images of space.
Training DVD & Score

A "training" DVD which contains all the movements being sequenced to the music. This allows the user to watch the video while listening to the musical performance and "sequence" the application running on their computer. The user can then practice the sequencing with the video as a reference.

The Planets score marked with all the cue points and information about the animated sequences that occur at that cue.

Optional Materials

OPTIONAL - A customized 30 second TV spot with the dates and times of your performances. Click HERE to view a version of the TV spot.
OPTIONAL - High Definition video introductions to each of the movements by Dr. Norm Thagard, M.D., a retired NASA astronaut. Dr. Thagard's narration begins with the history of "The Planets Suite" and includes descriptions and fascinating facts about each of the planets.

Full Technical & Marketing Support

Phone support for performance issues and advice.
We can also provide other support materials as a guide to help publicize and market your performance.

Jerry Waddell

Interactive Solar System Explorer

This three-dimensional virtual solar system was
created as an illustrative presentation of our solar
system using NASA photographs that have been mapped onto
the 3D model spheres for accurate simulation and interactivity. Click Here to Learn More

View Photos from Voyage of Discovery 2

See the Voyage of Discover Trailer
The Planets DVD

A Realtime Interactive 3D Animation of Our Solar System



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